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Current Board of Directors

Thomas F. Tootle, Chairman of the Board

J. Jeff Farthing, President/CEO

John R. Ankrom

John E. Bowers

Connie L. Campbell, Board Secretary

H. Scott Clifton

Richard J. Clifton

Stephen A. Gary

Robert D. Mabe 

Marvin J. Homan

Original Founders

Phillip Herrnstein, Henry C. Allen, J.R. Noecker, Frederick Barnes, W.L. Peters and H.M. Crites. 

First Investors

$100 per share: J. R. Noecker, H.C. Allen, W.L. Peters, Phillip Herrnstein, H.M. Crites, John W. Goeller, G.W. Runkle, Carrie L. Runkle, Charles Nauman, J.J. Mast, Charles Gerhardt, Meeker Terwilliger, J.M. Morris, J.P. Brown, Frederick Barnes and F.E. Archer.

First Board of Directors

H.M. Crites, H.C. Allen, W.L. Peters, Charles Gerhardt, J.J. Mast, John C. Goeller, G.W. Runkle, Phillip Herrnstein, Frederick Barnes and J.R. Noecker.

Past Leaders

Phillip Herrnstein, President, 1912 - 1917

Henry C. Allen, President, 1917 - 1932

John Goeller, President, 1932 - 1954

Turney M. Glick, President, 1954 - 1965

Marvin G. Steely, President, 1965 - 1975

George D. Young, Chairman of the Board, 1975 - 1991

Walter Garner, President, 1976 - 1979

Harry J. Clifton, Chairman of the Board, 1991 - 1999

Larry Priest, President, 1979 - 1991

Stephen A. Gary, President / CEO of The Savings Bank, 1991 - 2014

J. Jeff Farthing, President, 2014 - Present