Telephone Banking



Sometimes there's more on your to-do list than there are hours in the day. When you have banking to do after business hours, the SmartBanking INFO-line remains a quick and easy way to do it!

This toll-free number lets you check balances, transfer funds and pay bills, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is a phone and your access information.

Haven't set up your INFO-line access yet? We can help! Visit one of our convenient banking centers, or call us at 1-800-582-2265. We'll help you add INFO-Line to the many ways you can manage your accounts at The Savings Bank.

Visa® Debit Cards

Imagine getting through life without ever having to dig for change — or worse, write a check. Use your free Visa for purchases around the globe and online.

Our debit card is safer than carrying cash and more readily accepted than checks. The very same card is used to make ATM withdrawals. One tiny piece of plastic; a whole lot of versatility.

Mastercard Gift Cards

A gift card is the perfect present for any occasion!

  • Purchase Amount: $10 minimum to $1,000 maximum (cannot exceed $1,000)
  • Purchase Fee: $5.00 per card
  • Inactivity Fee: $2.95 per month AFTER 12 consecutive months of inactivity
  • Non-reloadable
  • Point of Sale PIN purchase fee: N/A
  • Signature-based Transaction: Free
  • Lost/Stolen Replacement Fee: $5.00 (may take up to 30 days to replace the card)
  • Cash Access: Cannot be used at an ATM
  • Expiration Date: Embossed on front of card
  • Minimum Age to Purchase: None
  • Foreign Exchange Markup: None
  • Registration: Card is registered to the PURCHASER
  • Customer 24-hour Help: Toll free 1-866-496-6183 (this number is on the back of the card)
  • Online: www.myprepaidbalance.com (this info is on the back of the card)

Mastercard Travel Cards

Travel Cards are more secure than cash, more convenient than traveler’s checks and easily replaced if lost or stolen. Our travel card offers a trackable alternative to cash for everyday purchases.

  • Purchase Amount: $20 Minimum to $3,000 Maximum
  • Purchase Fee: $7.00 per card
  • Companion Card Fee: $2.95 (companion card must be purchased at the same time the original travel card is purchased; funds are shared between the two cards)
  • Monthly Fee: N/A
  • Reload Fee: $4.95
  • Reload Amount: $20 minimum to $3,000 maximum (unlimited balance)
  • Number of Reloads Allowed:
    • Life of Card: Unlimited
    • Daily: 2 reloads per day/4 reloads per week/10 reloads per month
  • Inactivity Fee: $2.95 per month after 12 consecutive months of inactivity
  • Cash Access Fees:
    • ATM Balance Inquiry: $0.50
    • ATM Domestic: $1.50
    • ATM International: $3.00
    • Cash Advance: $5.00
  • ATM Max. Withdrawal Amount:3 times a day with a limit of $1,500 (plus fee for cash advance)
  • Cash Advance Max. Amount: 3 times a day with a limit of $1,500 (plus fee for cash advance)
  • Point of Sale PIN Purchase: $0.50
  • Signature-based Purchase: Free
  • Lost/Stolen Replacement Fee: $5.00 (there is no emergency replacement; card may take up to 10 days to replace and a new card will be sent to address used at time of purchase)
  • Expiration Time Frame: Expiration date on face of card
  • Minimum Age to Purchase: 16 years of age
  • Registration: Card is registered to the purchaser
  • Foreign Exchange Markup: 3% of transaction amount
  • Customer 24-Hour Help: Toll free 1-866-496-6183 (this number is on the back of the card)
  • Online: www.myprepaidbalance.com (this info is on the back of the card)

Cashier’s Checks

The Savings Bank can help you when you need to provide a cashier's check, also known as an official check. These checks are issued and guaranteed by The Savings Bank for payment. We can provide you with a cashier's check upon receipt of cash or from the collected funds in your bank account with us. Use these when no other form of payment — such as a check from your personal or business account, money order or cash — will be accepted.

For more information, please visit any of our convenient banking centers or call us at 1-800-582-2265.

E-Sign Agreement

The Savings Bank is pleased to now accept your signature electronically! Just another way we're making banking with us easier and smarter for you.

E Sign Agreement (PDF Document)

Wire Transfers

Emergencies, opportunities...there are a lot of reasons you might need to move money from your account with us, to another banking institution immediately. We're here to help. The Savings Bank can execute a wire transfer for you. Safe, fast and trackable, wire transfers executed by your community bank are a personal alternative to dealing with commercial businesses and individuals you might not know.

For current disclosure information, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-582-2265 .

Safe Deposit Boxes

Have trouble keeping track of important documents? Worried about the safety and security of valuable items? A safe deposit box might be perfect for you. Located in the bank vault, our safe deposit boxes offer a safe and secure way to store your stocks, bonds, deeds, wills, titles, jewelry and other valuables you may have.

A low annual rental fee is a small price to pay for your peace of mind and to keep your valuables safe and organized. Access to your safe deposit box can be made any time during regular business hours. Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC insured.

For information on available safe deposit boxes, please stop in one of our convenient locations or give us a call at 1-800-582-2265.