Reimagine Your Kitchen


Reimagine Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, especially when cooking for the holidays. Making it more functional and more beautiful will pay dividends on both your quality of life now – and the value of your home whenever you decide to sell it. Here are a few trends to consider when renovating your kitchen!

Marble kitchen tops
Marble is chic and never goes out of style. Carrara marble is popular, but if you’re more prone to spilling, stain-resistant quartz may be a smarter choice.

Kitchen wallpaper 
Wallpaper is back in style, even when it comes to decorating your kitchen. If you aren’t ready to commit to something so permanent, try a peel-and-stick wallpaper that can easily be removed. 

Plate racks
Besides being practical for storage, kitchen plate racks add a great look to a kitchen space and also allow you to display your dishware rather than hide it in a cupboard. 

Mix and match kitchen metals
Incorporate this trend in your kitchen by picking different types of metals for your knobs and faucets. Try a cool brass with a contrasting nickel.

Hidden kitchen appliances
If stainless steel doesn’t match your kitchen aesthetic, try adding a front to your various appliances that looks like the wood on your cabinets. You can do this for your refrigerator, dishwasher and even your oven.

Open shelving 
This trend allows you to display your beautiful and unique kitchen wares. You can also use open shelves to display art! 
Tons of texture
Get creative and mix up your finishes. Incorporate textures such as marble, natural wood and brass. If you don’t want to add bright colors, this is a great way to make your kitchen space stand out in a more subtle way.

Hints of color
The all-white kitchen trend is out, and color is in. Add color to your kitchen by displaying bright pottery, adding colorful furniture or painting something like your island in a lively shade. 

Statement stools
Make your kitchen pop with colorful and trendy stools. Choose stools with colorful cushions or a unique shape.

Black and white
Make a statement with a black and white kitchen. Add contrast to the space and incorporate black and white colors in your kitchen appliances, furniture and fixtures. 

“Cooking up” a financial plan for your dream kitchen
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